Newest Addition to TPSL Franchise Unveiled

 June 14, 2016

KYLE, Texas

Zuzeca AffiliCentral Texas Lobosated Soccer Clubs announced today the results of the fan vote, and revealed that the Club will be known as the “Central Texas Lobos”. The Texas Premier Soccer League club will represent Hays County and the South Austin region beginning in August, 2016. In connection with the official name, the club has released the newly designed team crest, with “Central Texas Lobos Kyle TX” prominently displayed, along with the Lobo image and lone star. Simultaneously, the Lobos announced its partnership with the Pedernales Brewing Company, of Fredericksburg, Texas, as a name sponsor for home matches. The partnership with Pedernales Brewing Company gave rise to the Lobo mascot, with its Lobo line of beer (such as Lobo Texas Lager, Lobo Negro, Lobo Hefe, Lobo Kristall Weizen, and LoboLito). The announcement of the partnership was delayed so as not to unduly influence the fan vote. “We at Pedernales Brewing are delighted to join forces with the Central Texas Lobos in this new and exciting venture!” said Lee Hereford, Founder and President of Pedernales Brewing Company. “We look forward to enjoying their victories and sharing some cold beer; Lobos for Lobos!” “Some concern had been expressed to us about the similarities with the Lehman High School mascot,” Zuzeca’s David Walding said. “So we wanted to ensure fan input during the naming process. However, the reference to the Kyle, Texas high school was not seen as a negative by the fans. In the final tally, the ‘Central Texas Lobos’ option was the clear favorite, garnering 46% of the vote.” The next closest option – “Hill Country Wolfpack” – received 23% of the vote. No other name surpassed 9% from the fans. “We have a simple philosophy – this is the fan’s team… on-and-off the field,” said Walding. “And we want to keep a local focus, so the partnership with Pedernales Brewing Company from Fredericksburg, and a name reflective of the Kyle community, are both in line with that vision.” Walding added that the inclusive nature of the name “Central Texas Lobos” just showed the positive reaction by the fan-base to what is being built. “We will continue to listen to our fans, and hope to grow our support in the community throughout the coming season.”

The TPSL is a men’s outdoor soccer league featuring teams from across the state. The league season runs from September to March. All clubs registered to play with TPSL have an opportunity to qualify for the following season’s Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup due to the sanctioning by US Club Soccer, of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). For more information about the Central Texas Lobos, visit; for TPSL visit


Author: Scott Ludwig

Tech enthusiast, marketing and media. @Ludwig_Media

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